Furman Rugby Camp
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A Day at Camp

Our athletes will learn in a very fun, but highly structured environment that fosters good sportsmanship, mastery of basic rugby skills, and spirited competition. While teaching rugby is our number one priority, our campers will enjoy a variety of interactive activities including swimming, group games, hikes, movies and more.

Who Should Attend

The camp is designed for the novice rugby player (those with three years or less experience). The academy will partner with each camper to build a firm rugby foundation by emphasizing the same fundamentals that are coached to the USA All-American Team.

What You'll Learn

As a back you will: learn how to see and create space, pass correctly, and kick and run with the ball at pace.

As a forward you will: learn the art of binding and pushing in the scrum, lifting and execution in the line out.

As a rugby player you will: learn the proper way to ruck, set, tackle, maul and play defense.

Our drills will stress doing it the right way every time. The techniques you master at camp will help you reduce the risk of injury and become a more effective player. At the completion of camp, each camper will receive a player evaluation form.

A Typical Day at Camp

7:30 a.m. Wake up and Breakfast
8:45 - 11:30 Training
Noon - Lunch
1 p.m. - Seminar/Lecture
2:30-4:30 - Practice
5:00 - Dinner
7-9:30 - Camp Activity
10:00 - Room Check
10:30 - Lights Out

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